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Aquatic Wood Coaster

水木 -  一個遇水顯字的木頭杯墊。

白水鑒心 - 白水即清水; 鑒即照,意指人心像明淨的水一樣純潔。

Aquatic Wood Coaster is a coaster which appear hidden message after filling with water. When it dries, the message disappears. This is a coaster delivers the feeling of missing via water.


​*註: 水木以天然木頭人手加工製成,產品沾水後宜自然完全風乾,並存放於乾燥陰涼處,以免水木因受潮而裂開或發霉。圖案顯現效果最佳為6個月,及後效果會慢慢減弱。

Product Info:

*This is a handmade natural wooden with waterproof processing.

*It should be dried completely when filled with water.

*It should avoid store at moisture places to prevent crack and mildew.

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