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Count Down Card


生日? 除夕? 聖誕? 旅行?結婚? 演唱會? 這張倒數卡就是想將這份期待與人分享,

寫上信息後貼上金色的刮刮貼紙, 放入信封送給他/她。
收卡者由第十天開始倒數, 每天撕下一片, 直到驚喜當天就可以刮出你的隱藏信息!


Do you remember the excited moment you cannot wait to? Birthday? New Year? Wedding? Journey? Concert? This count down card is for sharing the joy of the big day by tearing off the card one by one and then scratch off the special gold scratch sticker.

Let’s count it down and get the hidden message! Enjoy!

  1. 100*100mm

  2. 內附透明信封x1 及 金色刮刮貼紙 x1

  1. 100*100mm

  2. Transparent envelope x1pc & Gold scratch sticker x1pc

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