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Eyeglasses Mirror Stand

一直煩惱總是找不到在桌子上的眼鏡及鎖匙? 鏡子太大阻礙位置? 如果把鏡子 , 眼鏡架, 放鎖匙 三樣合起來成為一個桌上擺設能解決你的煩惱嗎? 這就是 Eyeglasses Mirror Stand 的設計起點 :)

Are you tired of finding your keys, eyeglasses every day?
Are you annoyed by the mirror on the desk is too large?
This comes up the design to combine the mirror, eyeglasses stand and the key-holder together. Furthermore, the surface of the product is a blackboard and you can make your own memo stand by the chalk.

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