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Film Ruler

間尺是量度的工具, 而快樂是可以量度的嗎? 把你快樂的回憶/照片放進間尺內, 每當使用時, 也許會回想起當時愉快的心情, 我希望這是一把會令人反思量度別人時要用何準則尺度的間尺及充滿愉快回憶的間尺。趕快來 DIY 一款專屬自己的間尺。

Film Ruler is not just for measuring distances on paper, but also to help you count the pleasant memories. Insert your photos in the ruler and recall the happy memories when you use it. In the society where people like to complicate things, the ruler reminds us: happiness can be simple.

Product Info:

  1. 180*45*8mm

  2. Inner paper card size: 175*29mm


  1. 180*45*8mm

  2. 內附卡紙尺寸為175*29mm (DIY)


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