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Ping Pong Door Hanger

乒乓 乒乓, 是玩乒乓球時發出清脆的聲音。小時候自己一人會對著門或牆來回的打, 現在有了這個以木板製作的門掛就能隨時的玩了! 背面為黑板漆油, 可自行以粉筆寫出自己需要的門牌字句。現在請勿打擾, 我要打乒乓了!

Ping Pong is the sound produced while playing table tennis. This door hanger can play table tennis at home or office. The back side is painted by blackboard paint. User can write their own message ( Busy, Do Not Disturb, Clean the Room…) by chalk. Let’s have a leisure time with table tennis!


  1. 245*150*5mm

  2. 雙面印刷, 背面為黑板油漆

  3. 可以粉筆寫上自己的字句

Product Info:

  1. 245*150*5mm

  2. Double side printing

  3. Back side painted by blackboard paint

  4. Allow user to write your own message by chalk

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