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Memo Sticker HK

香港是我出生的地方也是一個有美麗夜景的大都會。Memo Sticker-HK 是以其中一些有代表性的香港建築物造型為題材, 貼在書本或筆記上, 不同的便條貼會形成一個香港的建築物景象。來建設屬於你的香港景色吧!

Hong Kong, as my place of birth, is a beautiful city with wonderful scenery. HK Memo Sticker features various symbolic buildings in town. By sticking several of them on books and notes, you can connect them and create a unique Hong Kong skyline with the skyscrapers.


  1. 110*65*3mm

  2. 含6款便利貼每款20張

Product Info:

  1. 110*65*3mm

  2. 6 memo with 20pcs each

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