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Aquatic Wood Coaster (Tailor Made)

水木 一個遇水顯字的木頭杯墊。

白水鑒心 - 白水即清水; 鑒即照, 意指人心像明淨的水一樣純潔。
此產品希望以水為心思, 希望把真誠的祝福心意以水及木為媒介呈現在她/他的眼前。


Aquatic Wood Coaster is a coaster which appear hidden message after filling with water. When it dries, the message disappears. This is a coaster delivers the feeling of missing via water.

Aquatic Wood Coaster (Tailor Made)




*This is a handmade natural wooden with waterproof processing.

*It should be dried completely when filled with water.

*It should avoid store at moisture places to prevent crack and mildew.

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