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Idea Rubberband Calendar Set 2019

小時候,一條橡皮筋,除了是整理物件的工具,同時也是一個玩物。既可做出不同造型,也可作橡皮筋槍玩耍。以此為概念而設計的這款橡筋日曆座, 除可更換 “月曆卡片” 作座枱日曆之用; 也可換成上”靶標卡片”, 以附送的木弓箭把橡皮筋以三種模式射擊靶標。日曆的卡片也附上了世界各地不同的有趣節日, 放在桌面上即使不是假期也能感受到異地的節日氣氛。


設計意念: 文具除了方便使用, 外觀美觀外, 也可賦予趣味性。以運動為主題的可用及可玩文具, 可令繃緊的學習及工作中偶爾放鬆,


As a childhood toy for many, a rubber band can be played as a rubber band gun or transformed to different shapes for fun. Inspired by this, the “Rubber-band Arrow Calendar Set” is created. The desk calendar by month allows you to shoot the preset aiming targets with rubber-band guns. With the bow attached, you can enjoy 3 modes of shooting with different target cards.

On the "calendar card", it is not only showing local's holiday, but also some special festivals all around the world. To the "target card", you can draw somebody on it and enjoy the fun time.

Idea Rubberband Calendar Set 2019