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Idea To Do List - Amercian Football

To Do or Not To Do。每天生活也有很多繁瑣任務, 目標把每一樣要處理的事都做好! 因為明天是明天, 今天是今天, Let's Get It Done Today! 像個美式足球員, 咬緊牙關衝破一切障礙, 今天也達陣了!

把完成事項的便條紙撕下, 再揸成小紙球。包裝盒打開就是一個小型美式足球場, 放在踢球板上射向橫杆中間。人型紙牌能以手指充當球員的腳增加樂趣。快來成為勇敢的桌上美式足球員,接受每天的挑戰!


"Remember, tomorrow is promised to no one." Walter Payton
Have you ever thought of a playable memo pad? After you write on memo, throwing it in the garbage bin is not the only option. You can turn the to-do-list memo to a paper football and shoot it at the goal with your finger in the mini football court folded by yourself. Are you ready to the challenges?
Let's get today's work done. Be Brave! Be a amercian football player!

Idea To Do List - Amercian Football





*100pcs memo included

*Dimension: 92*105*14mm(package)

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