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Recorder Card

你大約有多久未執筆書寫給別人? 科技的發達令遙遠的距離變近, 卻未必能令心的距離縮窄。這一張可以錄下聲音的卡片,透過聲音,文字,將你的心意細訴她或他, 而收信者可以再次綠音及寫字 “回信”, 卡片將成為你們這段回憶的紀錄,讓這張留聲卡把你的心聲留在你倆的腦海裡。外表只是一張紙卡, 但只要按錄音製即可錄製一段錄音, 再書寫背後的卡片, 給收信者一個不一樣的體驗!

In the modern mobile-phone era where people can hardly concentrate to listen to what their beloved ones say, this recorder card allows you to deliver your heartfelt wishes with the 30-second recording that can be listened again and again.







  1. 錄音時間最長30秒

  2. 可重覆錄音, 再錄會把前段聲音洗去

  3. 背後藏有卡片可作文字回信之用

  4. 使用前把旁邊絕緣片拔去, 使用後可插回絕緣片,

How To Use:

  1. Recording time 30sec (max)

  2. Allow re-record (will eliminate the existing record)

  3. The card at back for writing message

  4. Take off the insulation clip before use

  5. Put back the insulation clip for power saving after use

Be Aware:


*Battery replaceable

*3 batteries inside

*Dimension: 150*110*10mm


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