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[L] 寫上你們的名字

[O] 畫上你們專屬的圖案

[V] 貼上你們充滿回憶的相片

[E] 寫上你的心意。享受屬於你們的甜蜜時刻!


Storytelling Card

曾看過電影" Love Actually" 一幕男生用紙牌向心儀的女生表白,令我很感動。

因此我設計了這款說故事的卡。將卡內四張卡紙, 寫上訊息或貼上相片後便可透過中間以手砌成的心形圖案, 將附帶的四張卡紙順序拿出以說故事的方式一張一張道出來...

打開背部的小腳即可成為木相框! 讓送卡變得不再簡單, 將你們的故事細細道來。

The concept comes from movie “love actually”. Write messages and stick photos on the four cards. When drawing them out one by one, you can tell your own love story and enjoy the romantic moment!


  1. 打開背部的小腳即可成為木相框! 讓送卡變得不再簡單, 將你們的故事細細道來。

  2. *尺寸為170*125*12mm

How To Use:

  1. Write her/his name on the 1st paper

  2. Draw something which represents you too on the 2nd paper

  3. Paste a photo on the 3rd paper

  4. Write down the message on the 4th paper

  5. Flip the stand on the back to be a wooden photo frame

*Dimension: 170*125*12mm

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